Necropolítica y los cuerpos que no importan en tiempos pandémicos

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por Lorena Núñez-Parra, Constanza López-Radrigán, Nicole Mazzucchelli Olmedo y Carolina Pérez Carvallo*

Here one on elderly people and disabled people in Chile in the Covid times

Go die!The Corona crisis shows that social Darwinist ideas are taken up by left wing politics as well. By Rebecca Maskos and Stephan Weigand

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this is a piece reflecting on some situation in Germany. As such it should be looked at with that in mind. Translated into English with the help of deepl.com/translator by authors. It was originally published in German and source is at the end of the article. More about the authors: Rebecca Maskos (Ph.D. candidate, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany) and Stephan Weigand krist444@yahoo.de

New Critical Disability Studies journal from India

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The Indian Journal of Critical Disability Studies was just launched. A needed addition to the CDS journal landscape. See also announcement here. Honored to be part of this endeavor as an editorial board member with many others involved in disability studies and absolutely thrilled to work with the journal founders (my long time friend Professor Anita Ghai and here and Tanmoy Bhattacharya (for a paper I did with Anita see Wolbring G and Ghai Anita (2015) Interrogating the impact of scientific and technological development on disabled children in India and beyond in Disability and the Global South 2(2) pp. 667-685).