Viet kieu brings home the new technology

In nano on September 4, 2006 at 4:54 pm

15:35′ 04/09/2006 (GMT+7)

Like many other Viet kieu (overseas Vietnamese), Nguyen Chanh Khe missed home just too much to accept the job offers being thrown his way by large US companies.

And now Vietnam is reaping the benefits of the prodigy’s return after years working in Japan and America.

His recent invention, the first carbon nanotube material in Vietnam, is a breakthrough for the hi-tech industry throughout developing nations – a success that promises to pave the way for Vietnam in the computer microchips and semiconductor world market.

R&D pays off

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been deemed “the material of the century” by scientists because of its extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties that conduct heat efficiently and can be useful in material sciences like nanotechnology, electronics and optics.

Since carbon nanotubes have such universal applications, they are costly to produce; therefore, the world market asks for about US$1,000 per gram.

Before Khe revamped the production process, plants were using a plasma chemical vapour deposition for a costly $200,000 to synthesise CNTs. But Khe’s method required just a special chemical reaction and facilities which cost only $600-700.

“I can say for sure that our CNTs have the same molecule structure to the products in the world market and are very pure but they will be much cheaper,” Khe said.
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