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Spain To Bring On Stream Europe’s Largest Thermosolar Station

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by Emmanuel Angleys
Seville (AFP) Oct 22, 2006
Spain, championing the drive towards renewable energy, is set to launch production of solar energy from what will be Europe’s largest thermo-electric plant. The thermo-electric solar plant at Sanlucar La Mayor, near the southern city of Seville, appears the perfect place to boost the drive to wean Spain off its dependence on oil, as the sun beats down almost incessantly on the southern Andalusia region.
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Biofuel Cells From Bacterial Membrane Protein

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Biofuel Cells From Bacterial Membrane Protein
October 18, 2006

In an article published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, scientist report of purified protein extracted from Shewanella oneidensis which may be used in designing miniature bioreactor cells. These proteins –outer membrane c-type cytochrome A, or OmcA –formed a dense coating on the iron-rich mineral hematite and using a combination of techniques that included FCS, or fluorescent correlation spectroscopy, and confocal microscopy, demonstrate whether hematite was available to bind with OmcA in solution, and transfer electric charge from the protein to the mineral.

According to the reserachers, these preliminary findings suggest that these protein have the potential to be used in developing small biofuel cells.
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