NanoMeter, web-based tool to carry out a brief societal assessment of nanotechnological applications

In nano on October 25, 2006 at 11:45 pm

What is the NanoMeter?

The Nanometer is a web-based tool that allows researchers and product developers (and others interested) to carry out a brief societal assessment of nanotechnological applications prior to market release.

Based on extensive research and stakeholder consultation the Nanometer presents the key findings of the Nanologue project along a limited number of guiding questions that help to rapidly assess potential societal benefits and impacts of new nanotechnology-based applications already during the proposal or research and development phase. Unlike commonly used product assessment approaches the Nanometer focuses on those topics that are dominating the societal discussion on nanotechnologies (NT), including health and environment, customer and societal benefits, product stewardship, or transparency. The topics assessed are critical to consumer and public acceptance – in a positive as well as in a negative sense.

Throughout the assessment the term “nanostructured materials” (or shorter “nanomaterials”) is used as umbrella term to capture all (engineered) nanostructures, particles, compounds etc.

By raising awareness among researchers, marketers, and other relevant business divisions the Nanometer helps to reduce the risk of NT-based products becoming a market failure due to critical but neglected societal aspects. For a more detailed list of benefits click here.
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