New report on nanotechnology in European consumer products

In nano on October 25, 2006 at 11:39 pm

(Nanowerk News) This report provides an overview of nanotechnological improved consumer products on the market. In addition a comprehensive list of effects and innovations is evaluating what is really “nano” in todays nanotechnology products.
More and more consumer products are branded with the buzzword “nano” or nanotechnology. Are we witnessing the onset of an emerging technology or is it just a sophisticated advertisement strategy? If the is technology is true, what is the added value to certain products and does the consumer really benefit?
In general the products claiming to contain nanotechnology do indeed exploit nanoscale effects, primarily interface effects but also a few quantum effects. Interestingly, the products that proudly use the “nano” brand are only a small percentage of the number of consumer products that actually contain nanotechnologies, for instance in the microelectronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.
The report focuses on consumer products emerging in various commercial sectors which claim to have nanotechnological products on the European market.
Source: Nanoforum
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