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New software method for producing medical guidelines

In Health on October 28, 2006 at 8:16 pm

Medical guidelines that lay down state-of-the-art rules for doctors are an important tool in modern medical practice. But though the number of guideline documents has proliferated in recent years, the quality, clarity and overall usefulness of the texts could be improved, resulting in even greater benefit to patients and medical practitioners.

A team of European researchers working on the IST-funded Protocure II project set out to do just that, developing a method to make guidelines not only more accurate and useful to doctors, but also far easier for national healthcare authorities to generate and update. Most strikingly, they did it by looking at guidelines not as simple texts, but as modular software programs that can be written in a programming language.
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KT offers affordable robot services

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KT Corp. will today begin its so-called “Ubiquitous Robotic Companions” services on a trial basis. The operator has been selected as a main service provider by the state-funded National Computerization Agency, which intends to promote the use of URCs. URCs are network-based, intelligent robots priced below 1 million won.

They are operated by simply adding voice-recognition servers and networks onto the existing robots, with the aim of providing necessary services anytime, anywhere.

The trial service will continue till the end of this year in 1,000 households and public facilities such as airports and Seoul Station. About 1,020 robots will be in operation during the trial period. “Seven different kinds of robots will offer various services ranging from reading books to speaking foreign languages, singing songs and home-monitoring via KT’s broadband services Megapass and Nespot,” said an official at KT.

Home-monitoring enables watching the elderly or babies from outside the home.

Robots will also offer daily news, weather information and recipes, as well as clean homes. Users will only have to attach recognition codes to necessary locations in homes to direct the robots.


By Hwang Si-young
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The University of Ulster in Northern Ireland has come up with a world first in electron microscopy.

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Researchers at the Coleraine campus have developed a unique microscope that uses ion guns to manipulate specimens right down to the very atoms and molecules.
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