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Pollution-eating material paves way for clean air

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…. What the sponsor, the Italcementi Group, did not know was that the new material – which contains a white pigment, titanium dioxide – has another peculiarity. It ‘eats’ surrounding smog….
Several companies are now developing smog-eating products that can be used not only for the façades of buildings but also in paint, plaster and paving materials for roads. The new substances are now being tested in buildings, squares and highways in Europe and Japan.While some scientists hail the process as a breakthrough, others are still evaluating it.
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Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0

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Rather than treat pedagogy as the transfer of knowledge from teachers who are experts to students who are receptacles, educators should consider more hands-on and informal types of learning. These methods are closer to an apprenticeship, a farther-reaching, more multilayered approach than traditional formal education, he said.
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