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In nano on December 30, 2006 at 8:08 pm

….The most prevalent nanomaterial in consumer products is nanosilver, used as a germ-killer. Nanosilver is found in at least 47 products – nearly double the number from just eight months ago, according to the Wilson Center.

Samsung sells a washing machine that releases nanosilver ions during the wash and rinse cycles to kill germs. Sharper Image is marketing nanosilver-treated slippers, socks that reduce germs and odors, and nanosilver food storage containers that keep food fresher longer. And Motorola recently began marketing two “germ-free” cell phones coated in nanosilver.

Last month, the EPA announced that it plans to regulate only nanosilver products that claim to kill germs, ignoring those companies that couch their marketing claims in less obvious language. In a recent letter to the agency, the Natural Resources Defense Council urged the EPA to review all consumer products containing nanosilver and require manufacturers to register such products as a pesticide…..

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