Dabur Pharma introduces Nanoxel in India

In Health, nano on January 6, 2007 at 3:13 pm

MUMBAI: Dabur Pharma Ltd has announced the launch of Nanoxel-a novel drug delivery system for the widely used anti-cancer drug Paclitaxel. This nanoscale drug delivery system is India’s first indigenously developed nanotechnology based chemotherapy agent. “We are very excited to launch the first nanoparticle drug delivery system outside of the United States”, said Dr Anand Burman, Chairman of the company.
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  1. I am working as an INCHARGE OFONCOLOGY PHARMACIST at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in CYTOTOXIC ADMIXTURE UNIT, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076.

    I have just to take some information related to NANOPARTICLE PACLITAXEL (NANOXEL).

    1) According to your leaflet this medicine is not given with Normal Saline , may I know witch type of incompebility is take place with Normal Saline solution?

    2) According to your leaflet this medicine is given only with 10% Dextrose Solution , but in case of Dibetic patient how can it used ?

    Thanking You
    Syed Mahtab Hassan
    Incharge of Cytotoxic Admixture unit
    Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
    Sarita Vihar ,Mathura Road
    New Delhi 110076

  2. Hi,

    We are the first to use this NANOXEL medicine in South India.

    My mother Mrs V. Rama was suffering from Ovarian Cancer.

    Dr. B. Surendra (Medical Oncologist) is our doctor.

    We have also taken the 2nd dose. 3rd dose is due on March 3rd 2007.

    My mother feeling better after taking Nanoxel.

    Please send me as much information as possible to my mail

    You can contact me on my mobile : 0939 333 4646.

    Thanking you


    0939 333 4646

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