Nanoparticles Act Like Atoms

In nano on February 15, 2007 at 2:32 am

Gold spheres, bestowed with valency, are strung together in polymer-like chain
Bethany Halford
Image Title © Science 2007
Coated gold nanoparticles strung together via linker molecules.

Using a little topology and a few thiol ligands, materials scientists have managed to corral a gold nanoparticle’s thousands of atoms and make them behave like one divalent atom (Science 2007, 315, 358).

Transformed from a multivalent mass to tidy two-handled building blocks, the nanoparticles can then be hooked together into a tiny string of golden beads. “It’s the nanoscale equivalent of a polymer,” says Francesco Stellacci, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who spearheaded the research.
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