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Nanotechnology for Sustainability: Key Opportunities for Energy Saving, Few for New Energy Generation – Report

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Nanotechnologies for the Residential and Commercial Energy Market
Nanotechnologies for the Energy Market
Nanotechnologies for the Automotive Energy Market

Nanotechnology Development to be Largely Application-Specific – Report

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This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled Nanotechnology for Defense and Security provides an overview of the key technologies and important developments that will impact the defense and security sectors along with a complete analysis of key market drivers and restraints and trends. University research, often funded by defense agencies and government organizations, is cited to exemplify the directions nano development is taking in the field of materials and in devices. In this research service, expert analysts examine the following technologies: nanomaterials, nanosensors, and nanodevices.

Market Sectors

Expert analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

The following technologies are covered in this research:

Market Overview

Nanotechnology to be of Strategic Importance for the Defense and Security Sectors

Enhanced performance is likely to be emphasized, in many cases, over lower costs, as a key driving force behind the adoption of nanotechnology in the defense and security sector. Nanotechnology is expected to generate improvements in existing capabilities and the development of entirely new capabilities, typically non-critical applications before critical ones. Materials technologies, such as nanocomposites and other nanophase materials are expected to offer a number of capabilities – such as improved strength at reduced weight, for example – for defense and security applications. “It should be noted that while coatings are likely to get commercialized quite quickly, critical structural applications of nanomaterials face a more delayed adoption due to stringent qualification requirements for defense and security applications,” explains the analyst of this research service.

Nanoelectronics are also expected to witness several advancements that not only extend the capabilities of microelectronics, but also assist in the development of autonomous and reconfigurable systems. As the technologies, and computational capability, underlying these applications improve, system level benefits such as high performance and improved communications capabilities, at reduced cost, will provide enhanced accuracy for unmanned combat air vehicles or missiles.

Nanotechnology Development to be largely Application-Specific

The ability to meet specific application level requirements is likely to be crucial to the success of nanotechnology in the defense and security sectors. Nanotechnologies must offer optimal solutions to solve specific problems that competing technologies cannot. This also assists in helping ensure near-to-mid term funding, whether from the corporate sector or the government. “By focusing on clear applications level problems that are relevant to their customers such as the need to develop components with higher temperature endurance, nanotech firms give themselves a safe, solid first step, and an ideal launch pad,” says the analyst. “It also allows them to prove their technology, and generate revenues to support ongoing development.”

Partnerships between nanotechnology firms and defense suppliers are likely to be a significant trend that not only serves to bridge the knowledge gap, but also supports application-specific development. In addition to applications-level knowledge, these partnerships drive technological development by offering funding support, especially for smaller nanotech start-up companies.

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