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168 million for 13 solar projects

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U.S. Funds Shine $168M on Solar

President Bush wants to cut the price of solar electricity.
March 9, 2007

By Ilkka Luukkonen

The U.S. Department of Energy on Thursday announced it will invest $168 million in 13 solar technology projects in the next three years as a move to bring down the cost of solar energy.
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references for Psychological Enhancements: The Reluctance to Enhance Fundamental Traits

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New York University – Stern School of Business
Yale School of Management
Princeton University – Department of Psychology March 1, 2007
Four studies examined young healthy individuals’ willingness to take drugs intended to enhance various social, emotional, and cognitive abilities. We found that people were much more reluctant to enhance traits believed to be highly fundamental to the self (e.g., social comfort) than traits considered less fundamental (e.g., concentration ability). Moral acceptability of a trait enhancement strongly predicted people’s desire to legalize those enhancements, but not their willingness to take those enhancements. Ad taglines that framed enhancements as enabling rather than enhancing the fundamental self increased people’s interest in a fundamental enhancement, and eliminated the preference for non-fundamental over fundamental enhancements.
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