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In Disabled People, Health, nano on March 14, 2007 at 1:37 am

If you can’t wait until next year to get your hands on a Project Epoc EEG cap, never fear: a German company called g.tec (Guger Technologies) is now offering the world’s first commercially available brain computer interface (BCI).
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  1. Project Epoc Brain Control Demo (video)

    I wrote about Emotiv’s Project Epoc a few days back; a brain-computer interface which they claim is more advances and capable than any other non-invasive system so far. In addition, they intend to commercialize it this year. Naturally that makes

  2. I just can’t wait until tehcnology goes so far that we are able to move human brains to cyborg or to with gene technology,dna-modified and nanoscientists programmed new type of artificial body which has human consious!!! I’d like to be the first one to leave my body to transfer my brains into artificial form. I know, it probably means loosing sex life, if transferring to metal-blastic body, but it’s worth of it! Then it’s possible to live far enough to have a chance to move virtualworld and change to have new form of energy surrounded my mind!!! That’s the way how it goes, sooner or later. Now I have to live with my bad heart, that’s
    operated 2 times, because there was a hole between chambers in my heart when I did born. Doctors said to my parent that your kid doesn’t live until 15years, highly estimated. But I was a survivor mental kid in early ’70, so now it’s 2007 and i’m turning 45 soon!!! Ofcourse there’ s been couple of ‘almost’ situation, but I did change the way of life so radically, that people don’t know I’m so old. But I just want to be like “Steve Austin, six million dollar man”, my childhood idol from tv in ’70!!! If we are changing the evolution from human being and mind to various types of races between artificially engineered, nanotechnology loaded and electrically powered creatures, I will donate my life, body and multitalented mind to the important researching and development of creature evolution. The creature evolution has already started and I see that’s the great advantage, when planning to move away from this planet and whole galaxy.
    When the first brain interface machines were made, it gave us potential to work together to create future of multiformed energy. When human mind is transferred to virtual world, it’s easy to make up different types of physical bodies to different purposes. This is just one direction of evolution on our lifetime and it’s real giving us to create various races, all having certain purpose and particular job, but we create them self-survivors who are also dependent on each others special skills. It’s meaning to avoid and reduce conflicts and violent behaving to level zero first time in the history of mankind! Actually the whole world is living exited, thrilling and hopefull times..

  3. We are reprogramming, what somebody else, God or ID, what so ever started and it is actually proving the fact: we are multiforced creature from the beginning, becouse of electrical parts are surrounding everywhere in our present body. So it gives atleast 1% chance to move another time or dimension in the process of dying body, though opinions varied, is concious, our mind and memory, deleted after death? Somehow I’ve been allways thought, mind moves and continues it’s crusading in multidimensional ways, after leaving human body. Second choice is only being swithed off, but that’s not logical, being against laws in universe and balance of energy. Otherwise I don’t understand why we have particles and organs using and existing various type of electric charge? It has been a certain purpose and meaning it’s plans and mind, who desingned human being, it’s my personal opinion. In the history of mankind, there’s always been group of people, thinking and planning our meaning. So myths, stories and religions were only for tips from early decades, how to plan and build ability to understanding of never ending cycling and processing of continuously
    growing cosmic eternity. But this time we are preparing our future using various technologies and sciences mixing them together, without forgetting ability to have electromagnetic field and charge inside of us and use that in one main role of designing creatures to have advantage using multiformed solar energy when feels tired…

  4. After reseaching, studying and learning, how to use and combine newest technologies and inventions themselves together from various sciences to find theirs ability connect unseen particles and objectives to make impossible to real. It means human being will be transforming totally different types creatures, who are helping continuing reprogramming evolution of multiformed creatures, with each individual way to composite future. Now it changes lifestyle to more co-operative with common global goal, though having individual plans to make true desired, own modified changes.
    But now we don’t need cope oneself, actually we can’t survive
    without team working and multilevel network. So how does this works and is there really need for individual person programming evolutionof our own? Yes! Think global, act local using the advantage of newest information technology, to find out direction life is giving to you. Even if you’re not interested of engineering genetically cells, dna with it’s meaning and information, artificial organs and life forms, I’ll bet you’re willing to find out how to slows aging process with newest knowledge and medical technology, I count on it!!! Every person understand how fast technology of information networking has developed, so why didn’t other technologies follow same basic line? Yes, you’re right, technologies are using advantage of newest inventions to get best possible benefit from each science together. It means everybody has something to do our common goal, even start to study human biology, learn more about nano medication and understand why drugtreatment has own place in this puzzle. Heading towards 150 living years, to have time thinking and deciding which way going to choose: immortality or ability changing between different lifeforms? One of main goals is also staying here, earth, which has various critical problems,trying to solve them or leaving to space exploring real unknown world, hoping to find a place, where to program totally unseen construction of structures for several life forms together. Now we understand, how important it is to plan our future base upon different kinds of individual life forms working together, otherwise it won’t succeeded for anybody at all. That’s also reason why I started understand nanocomputing and braininterface connection to every networks
    is going to give us one faster way to communicate, therefore planning multidimensional world and nation will be easier, also calculating as many different options as possible, reducing mistakes and disasters low levels. Actually calculating extremities first, will be always a good choise, but now we need to do updates all time, becouse everything is process aiming it’s destination. It’s asking ability to understand variable obstacles with altering particles, and it’s meaning in microfunctional process, there’s also affects in macro-, semi- and midifunctional levels and processes, just few examples to say. More we able to know about variable life forms in systems and hierarchy, it’s good start to never ending future of human mind in forms with specialized body structures. One thing is for me quite hard to sort out, how large amount of population in earth DO NOT understand living in so called “chemical process” where will be also the end of it?

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