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Nanotech Cleantech

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Nano and Climate
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Building Up Nanotech Research

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Chemical & Engineering News April 9, 2007 Volume 85, Number 15 p. 15-21
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TNT Weekly 16th April 2007 — The Return of the Trillion Dollar Market

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a) The nanomaterials boom is over and future growth opportunities in the nanotechnology sector will lie in pharmaceutical and healthcare applications of nanotechnologies, according to a new report from Cientifica.
b) It suggest that bottom up design might come after 2010
c)Highest growth rates will be in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, accounting 80% of the 2015 US$ 1.5 trillion market
That is in particular interesting as so far its only making up 2% in 2007 when you look at their pie chart
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Food Sovereignty or Green Revolution 2.0?

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This time the “silver bullet” has a gun

ETC Group today releases a 16-page review

of five new initiatives intended to launch what ETC dubs “Green Revolution 2.0” in Africa.