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NanoPharmaceuticals Online Journal, Vol 1, Oct, 2006 Death by Nanoparticles

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1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Nanoparticles
3.1. Nanoparticles containing metals
3.2. Fluorescent nanoparticles and nanoparticles containing drugs

4. Cell death induced by nanoparticles
4.1. Nanoparticle properties and interactions with cells
4.2. Types of cell death and roles of individual organelles

5. Mechanisms involved in nanoparticle-induced cell death
5.1. ROS generation and nanoparticle-induced cell death
5.2. Metals and cell death

6. Nanoparticles: prospects and perils

7. References

Debunking the trillion dollar nanotechnology market size hype

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my comment
Although the Cientifica paper might inflate the numbers what I find more astonishing is that by 2015 80% of the sales are suppose to be in the pharma healthcare sector up from 2% today.

Nanoparticles Can Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk

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Science Daily — Tissue studies indicate that nanoparticles, engineered materials about a billionth of a meter in size, could damage DNA and lead to cancer, according to research presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.
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