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Royal Society Call for views: Synthetic biology

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Call for views: Synthetic biology
The Royal Society seeks your views on the emerging area of
synthetic biology. This is your opportunity to shape the focus of
the Royal Society’s future policy work in this important area.
We welcome views from individuals or organisations by 27
August 2007.
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U.S. Is Creating 3 Centers for Research on Biofuels

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The New York Times
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June 26, 2007
U.S. Is Creating 3 Centers for Research on Biofuels

WASHINGTON, June 25 — The Energy Department is creating three
bioenergy research centers to find new ways to turn plants into fuel.

The three centers, which the department described as three start-up
companies with $125 million each in capital, will be in Oak Ridge,
Tenn.; Madison, Wis.; and near Berkeley, Calif. They will involve
numerous universities, national laboratories and private companies.
The goal of the centers, which are to be announced on Tuesday, is to
bring new technologies to market within five years…..
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