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Seeing the environmental wood for the nanotech trees

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see here the article with the title
the German report in German one finds here

Für einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit der Nanotechnologie Eine erste Diskussionsgrundlage am Beispiel der Nanopartikel

other stuff from Germany in English

Draft: Nanotechnology: Health and Environmental Risks of Nanoparticles – Research strategy (PDF file, 261 KB)

Draft: BAuA/VCI-Guidance for handling and use of nanomaterials at the workplace

Questionnaire on aspects of worker protection during the production and handling of engineered nanomaterials (PDF file, 81 KB)
(approximate translation from Korinna Horta and Scott Walsh at Environmental Defense, USA)

Nanoparticle drug delivery system created

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U.S. scientists said attaching polymeric nanoparticles to red blood cells might become a new way to deliver drugs.
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