In nano on July 22, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Nanosciences and nanotechnologies are enabling technologies, more and more pervasive
in potentially all technological fields and expected to bring substantial benefits across
many sectors, such as chemistry, material sciences, health and energy just to name a few.
Industry and research are increasingly using them and some nano-products are already
being mass-produced.
Knowledge gaps remain concerning the exposure risks associated with nanomaterials
and nanotechnologies. Considered as the next strategic technology, confidence in its
safety and consequently public acceptance are preconditions for the application and
commercialisation of nanotechnology-based products. The development and use of
nanotechnologies should not be unbalanced or left to chance.
Research has a key role to play in this context. On the one hand it develops new
technologies for application in industry and throughout society and on the other hand it
investigates the potential risks and establishes the appropriate measures to take.
In order to promote safe and responsible nanotechnology research and pave the way to
its safe and responsible application and use, the European Commission is planning to
adopt a voluntary Code of Conduct for Responsible Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
Research (“the Code of Conduct”). This Code of Conduct would take the form of a
European Commission Recommendation and would invite the Member States, industry,
universities, funding organisations, researchers and other interested parties to follow its
principles. The Commission itself would follow these principles in its own action under
the Community research policy.
This consultation aims to provide input to the drafting of the Code of Conduct.
Contributions are expected from a broad cross-section of European society, including
the scientific community, industry, civil society, policy-makers, media and the general
The consultation process will be open from Thursday 19 July 2007 up to 21 September
2007. See the consultation form on SINAPSE:

http://ec.europa.eu/research/consultations/pdf/nano-consultation_en.pdf”>more here

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