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BSI British Standards publishes new nano guidance for UK industry

In nano on February 1, 2008 at 9:53 pm


PAS 130 Guidance on the labelling of manufactured nanoparticles and products containing manufactured nanoparticles

PAS 131 Terminology for medical, health and personal care applications of nanotechnologies

PAS 132 Terminology for the bio-nano interface

PAS 133 Terminology for nanoscale measurement and instrumentation

PAS 134 Terminology for carbon nanostructures

PAS 135 Terminology for nanofabrication

PAS 136 Terminology for nanomaterials


PD 6699-1 Nanotechnologies – Part 1. Good practice guide for specifying manufactured nanomaterials

PD 6699-2 Nanotechnologies – Part 2. Guide to safe handling and disposal of manufactured nanomaterials