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my columns of this year so far

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* Nano-Engineered Plastic [April 15, 2008]
* Nano Architecture and Construction
[March 30, 2008 – published by Healthwrights]
* Anti-Aging, Longevity and Immortality Technology [March 15, 2008]
* Nanotoxicology
[February 29, 2008 – published by Healthwrights]
* Nano South Africa [February 15, 2008]
* Nano Cosmetics, Sunscreen and Personal Care
[January 30, 2008 – published by Healthwrights]
* Nano-Aerospace [January 15, 2008]

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Nanotechnology Still Holds Huge Untapped Potential for the Industry

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(Nanowerk News) Finland is a forerunner in nanotechnology, and the fast-growing field has already produced strong results. The 70 million euro Tekes FinNano programme, currently in its third year, has launched companies and new business throughout the country. Applications of nanotechnology are in widespread use in the key areas of Finnish industry.
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Subnanometer Motion of Cargoes Driven by Thermal Gradients along Carbon Nanotubes

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National Nanotechnology Initiative: Charting the Course for Reauthorization

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NGO’s volgen ontwikkeling nanotechnologie

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Dutch but in short A group of environmental and consumer organisations in the Netherlands wants to start a political lobby for improving environmental regulations and labelling nanotechnology. more

Hydrogen storage in nanoparticles works

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Code of Conduct Nanotechnology by Swiss Retail Organizations Published

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Are multi-walled carbon nanotubes more like asbestos than we thought?

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New Artificial Material Paves Way To Improved Electronics

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The new material, a superlattice, which has a multilayer structure composed of alternating atomically thin layers of two different oxides (PbTiO3 and SrTiO3), possesses properties radically different to either of the two materials by themselves. These new properties are a direct consequence of the artificially layered structure and are driven by interactions at the atomic scale at the interfaces between the layers.

“Besides the immediate applications that could be generated by this nanomaterial, this discovery opens a completely new field of investigation and the possibility of new functional materials based on a new concept: interface engineering on the atomic scale,” said Dr. Dawber.

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Four European countries discuss voluntary safety standards in nanotechnology

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(Nanowerk News) Representatives of authorities from Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany discussed at TÜV SÜD Industry Service GmbH in Munich the current state of voluntary safety measures in nanotechnology risk management. CENARIOS®, the world`s first certifiable, nanospecific risk management and monitoring system was also presented to the authorities and discussed.
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