international electronic conference on the societal aspects of synthetic biology

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international electronic
conference on the societal aspects of synthetic biology, which will take
place from Monday 5 May to Tuesday 3 June 2008 at

This e-conference on ethical, safety, security and other societal issues of
synthetic biology is hosted by “SYNBIOSAFE: Safety and Ethical Aspects of
Synthetic Biology”, a two years FP6 project funded by the European
Commission. The aim is to stimulate an international and inclusive debate on
these issues at an early stage.

After a first fact finding mission we would now like to share our points of
view and discuss selected societal issues and open questions with a wider
group of experts and interested stakeholders. The issues we would like to
discuss fall under the following three areas:

€ Forum I: Ethical Aspects
€ Forum II: Biosafety Challenges
€ Forum III: Biosecurity Awareness

In addition there is also a section on other societal issues, including

€ Forum IV: Intellectual Property Rights
€ Forum V: Regulation and governance, and
€ Forum VI: Public perception, communication and the media

For more information on these thematic areas, specific questions to be
discussed, and how to post a contribution, please have a look at our
background document:

Click to access SYNBIOSAFE-background_paper.pdf

In case of any technical difficulty with the registration, please contact
Gregor Giersch on gregor.giersch@idialog.eu

We would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding this announcement to
your colleagues and networks.

Kind regards,

Markus Schmidt, IDC
SYNBIOSAFE Project Coordinator

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