What Sorts of Paralympics? A Disabled Swimmer’s Dream, a Mother’s Fight

In Ableism, Cogno, Disabled People, Governance, Neuro, Olympics, Paralympics, Sport on June 18, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Its about a swimmer with cerebral palsy and developmental differences. An excerpt

“Mr. Kendall Bailey, an athlete who is a citizen of the USA and eligible to represent the USA in international competition, is inappropriately classified to compete in International Paralympic Committee (IPC) swimming competition. Mr. Bailey is intellectually disabled. The intellectual disability classification for swimming (S14) is not presently recognized by the IPC; nor is an intellectually disabled swimmer eligible to compete under the IPC Swimming Functional Classification System.”

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog. It is full of very usefull information and is wrtten in a style that is easy to understand and follow. Please don’t take me as being rude or anything like that, but We are trying to raise as many names for a petition to send to Washington to try and get the Social Security Checks paid to the disabled raised so that they can have enough money to at least make it through the month instead of just the day the check comes in. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to check out the site and if you are led to fill out the comment section at the bottom of the home page and leave a message of your thoughts on how our Government is treating the disabled of this country. Your information will be safe for it will be printed out along with all the others and sent to Washington to try and get them off their haunches and do something to help our disabled as they sure throw BILLIONS of dollars to the immigrants every year using OUR tax money, so, we want to try and get some of that money sent to our own people that can not get out and work to earn for themselves. Thank you in advance and may God Bless you!

    Also, if you know of anyone who is disabled please pass this site on to them and tell as many people disabled or not about us so that we can get as many names to send to Washington to get them to do something.

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