Job Title: Senior Infrastructure Coordinator at The American Journal of Bioethics

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Company: The American Journal of Bioethics
Job Title: Senior Infrastructure Coordinator
Company Description: AJOB is the largest, most read, most cited journal in bioethics. It has been lauded by many newspapers, magazines, medical and science journals, and is home to bioethics.net, the most read and more importantly most authoritative (most cited) site in all of bioethics, ethics, philosophy, health services research (e.g., Academic Medicine is a competitor), and in dozens of medical areas. AJOB is part of Bioethics Education Network, or bene, a newly formed NYS LLC based in Albany. bene also includes the world’s only Editor’s Blog by the editors of a major bioethics journal, as well as tens of thousands of pages of information including the definitive lists of events and jobs in the fields associated with ethics in medicine and science (stem cells, cloning, etc.). The American Journal of Bioethics is read in the office of virtually every U.S. appellate court justice, member of Congress, and even the White House. It has caused FDA scandals leading to the reform of medicine in a broad way and introduced the nation to a number of new technologies like face transplantation. It is regularly featured in places like Oprah, New York Times, etc.
Pay: $0.00 – $0.00 Per Year
Pay Description: includes travel, benefits, academic cred
Job Description: This person will be responsible for the back end of bioethics.net, blog.bioethics.net, and the interface between The American Journal of Bioethics and the above. They will interface with web designers and editors, and will be widely publicly known for their work. This internship position has been filled three times, and all three have gone on to outstanding positions that would never have been possible in an internship in a large computer corporation, even of the nature of Google. bioethics.net is, though, incidentally a partner of Apple and Google, and has relationships which this person would be able to access at every level. There simply are no internships in health policy and computing that would produce a greater yield per hour for good work. This position must be filled immediately so the first highly qualified applicant will be placed. One reference is required, but that can be by email or phone. glenn.mcgee@bioethics.net


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