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Cement from CO2: A Concrete Cure for Global Warming?

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Although a little bit old I just stumbled on that

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Emotiv Systems uses your thoughts to power gaming

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Ars checks in from GDC09, where Emotiv Systems is showing off its new headset
that control games with both your thoughts and your facial expressions. The
surprising thing? It works. Our hands-on time with the $300 product that
knows what you’re thinking.

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Stem cell ‘deafness cure’ closer

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Stem cells that could be used to restore hearing have been
successfully created, scientists have said.

A Sheffield University team took stem cells from embryos and converted
them into cells that behave like sensory hair cells in the human inner

Their discovery could ultimately help those who have lost hair cells
through noise damage and some people born with inherited hearing
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Another issue for debate