a you tube movie on enhancement with me in it but interesting nevertheless

In Ableism, Enhancement on June 8, 2010 at 3:05 pm

This is a movie trailer. Once I know more on the movie I will post it here.

  1. When I was in my 20’s-30’s, co-workers used to ask if I regretted not being “normal”. I used to explain that, I had no time or interest in thinking about it. Although I needed help to do basic things, as long people around me were happy to help, and we could work together, my birth-defect was no big deal.

    Since I have had to live and adjust to a degenerating respiratory-system, I’m now pretty limited, and live in long-term care. A neumologist asked me a few years ago, if I was interested in experimenting with a diaphram implant which acts like a pace-maker. However, I’ve learned of a few people who never changed their batteries on time. That convinced me to pass on that idea.

    What really worries me, is seeing the direction human enhancements are going. When the elite want to drive toward a future, where a privileged few hope to escape the dying-process by replacing body-parts and organs with robotics, they do not worry about over-population.

    But, when it comes to using technology to increase the ability of Disabled People, to become equal and live longer, they are quick to roll-out euthanasia campaigns.

    They scare their audiences over the high-cost of keeping people with disabilities alive, and are going overboard to abort every baby detected with a birth-defect. They want a disability-free world, and this comes from people who believe that they are the most tolerant and inclusive people in the world.

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