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Hi everybody, My name is Gregor Wolbring. I am an Ableism ethics and governance scholar, a biochemist, ethicist, governance of science and technology scholar , ability studies and governance scholar, disability studies,health research, implications of Nanotechnology, Converging Technologies, Synthetic Biology scholar. Beside that I am interested in social entrepreneurship, working with youth, social implications, human rights. My webpage is here; My biweekly column at innovationwatch.com is here ; My new blog on Ableism Ethics and Governance; A blog to which I also contribute called What Sorts of People

  1. I research Southcom, indigenous women in the Mex-U.S. militarized zone of occupation, both sides, and transnational solidarities, militarization and paramilitarization, caste, feudalism, and nanotechnology/n.s.a./SouthCom re-posititioned in the borderlands–the ‘New’ Southern Confederate Nation-States of America.

    I’m curious about your work. Carmelo Ruiz is a co-fellow.

  2. found your blog quite interesting, I actually put a link in my blog to yours in my latest post, i write about crazy stuff related to the implicaitons of advances in biology to our life, economy, society….see http://fromatcgtobioeconomy20.blogspot.com/


  3. I suffer from Paraplegia. The neuron signals from my brain does not reach my legs.

    I need an amplifier installed in the cortex of my spine to strengthen the signals on their way down and back.

    Has any research been done in this field and are any such devices available yet?

    I believe this procedure can cure Parkinsons disease as well.

    Thank you and regards, Andre.

  4. I am Viswanathan, usually called RV. From India, now in Toronto. I have a genetic condition called Spino Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA). There is no cure at present. So one has to manage the symptoms which are progressive and one-way in nature.

    Great to be in touch via Linked In. I am always interested in devices for independent living.

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