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Brain Machine Interface an Update

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Now a Neural Implant That Learns With the Brain

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A method to develop neural implants that not only translate brain signals into movement, but also evolve with the brain as it learns has been devised by University of Florida researchers.

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The Ultimate Cure

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The neurotech industry is engaged in a $2 trillion race to fix your brain. Many players will fail, but the payoff will be huge for those who succeed.

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Scheme to Let Robot Take Over Brain-Computer Interface

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20 May 2008—A group of mechanical engineers at Caltech have come up with a way to guide miniature robots in the task of inserting and positioning electrode arrays in brain tissue. What they propose would be the first robotic approach to establishing an interface between computers and the brain by positioning electrodes in neural tissue.

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Brain Doping on the Rise in Poker, School and Symphony

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Brain Doping on the Rise in Poker, School and Symphony

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Neurotechnology Industry Organization! Year in Review and Look Forward to 2008

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Neurosocieties: the rise and impact of the new brain sciences

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Military and Intelligence Methodology for Emergent Neurophysiological and Cognitive/Neural Science Research in the Next Two Decades

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some new funding priorities by the National Science Foundation USA

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07-579 Solicitation


Letter of Intent Deadline Date: September 25, 2007
Preliminary Proposal Deadline Date: October 26, 2007
Full Proposal Deadline Date: April 30, 2008


The Directorate for Engineering at the National Science Foundation has established the Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) to serve a critical role in focusing on important emerging areas in a timely manner. The EFRI Office is launching a new funding opportunity for interdisciplinary teams of researchers to embark on rapidly advancing frontiers of fundamental engineering research. For this solicitation, we will consider proposals that aim to investigate emerging frontiers in the following two specific research areas: (1) Cognitive Optimization and Prediction: From Neural Systems to Neurotechnology (COPN), and (2) Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructures (RESIN). EFRI seeks proposals with transformative ideas that represent an opportunity for a significant shift in fundamental engineering knowledge with a strong potential for long term impact on national needs or a grand challenge. The proposals must also meet the detailed requirements delineated in this solicitation.

INFORMATION WEBCAST: The EFRI Office plans to hold an information workshop on September 5, 2007, to answer any questions about the EFRI Office and this solicitation. Details will be posted on the EFRI website (www.nsf.gov/eng/efri) as they become available.
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